Holly Conrad Fires Back After She’s Accused Of Having Affair With ProJared: ‘I’d Never Hurt Anyone’

Holly Conrad is not staying quiet after Heidi O’Ferrall charged her of sleeping with her other half, ProJared. She rejected the allegations to her fans in an extensive message on Twitter.

Holly Conrad, aka YouTube’s Commander Holly, emphatically refutes Heidi O’Ferrall‘s cases that she slept with her hubby, fellow YouTuber ProJared. Holly took to Twitter simply hrs after Heidi introduced her accusations, informing her 263,000 followers that she would certainly never, ever sleep with a family man. “I recognize some sh * t is dropping on the Internet. If you want to think a hyperbolic statement from somebody you do not recognize on the web with no previous background info and also utilize it to demonize unfamiliar people, so be it,” Holly tweeted.

This isn’t anyone’s service however their own … If it deserves anything, you all recognize me. I ‘d never harm anybody and also I only want the most effective and also joy for those around me. If you’ve followed me for a long period of time, you understand that. Gon na leave twitter for a while.” The debate started when ProJared (actual name Jared Knabenbauer) introduced that he and also his other half were getting a divorce. This was obviously news to Heidi. She launched into a Twitter thread about Jared was having an affair with Holly, which she apparently had “proof” of it.

” [I have] explicit conversations and photographs of their relationship, which he thoroughly existed to me about on many celebrations,” Holly tweeted, going on to say that Jared “gaslit” her regarding the alleged affair with Holly, “firmly insisting that the only thing incorrect with our marital relationship was me.” Holly, who was previously married to animator as well as Game Grumps factor Ross O’Donovan, tweeted at Jared, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this.”

Holly did not deal with Heidi’s various other case, that Jared apparently ran a Tumblr blog site to exchange naked photos with fans, some of which were underage.

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